The Emotion, Energy and Symbolic Code of microbes

What if there is an underlying reason you are chronically ill with a microbe that just keeps recurring or showing up in times of stress. Microbioenergetics helps identify those inner conflicts which support microbes creating a hospitable environment for dis-ease – microbes that identify with grief, loss, trauma, or threat, either our own or passed through family lineage.

For many, it is the recognition of a conflict in connection with their illness that will open up the path to healing.

This advanced healing modality created by Dr Miguel Ojeda Rios MD from many years treating thousands of patients and his extensive research on the Emotion, Energy, Genetics and Cross-generational cause of disease and how it all relates to microbes.
Dr Rios based his study on Energy and Micro biome Medicine, DNA Information and Disease Response, Human Genome, Metabolomics, Nutrigenics, Bioenergetics and Biomagnetism. In the past few years Dr Rios has been doing amazing and extensive research on the Emotional Energy, genetic as well as transgenerational cause of disease and its relationship to microbes.

This research points to the reason why certain people tend to pick up certain pathogens while other equally exposed do not get infected. This research supports the hypothesis with a profound understanding of why we get sick. Microbes are in a relationship with us affecting all levels of our existence – why each individual attracts a certain microbe – energy or biological conflict leads to attraction of certain microbe that supports the conflict. Dr Rios has developed techniques to deactivate the information of conflict and trauma.

It is a holistic approach to attaining health body mind and spirit.

Footnote:  These concepts have been recognized historically by indigenous healers over hundreds of years and are now being substantiated by science in the fields of quantum physics Psychology and epigenics.