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Spa Services

We offer a variety of spa services including hair removal with both soft and hard wax, as well as custom facials.

At Mint, we work with the Eminence certified organic skin care line.

See our "Spa Services" page to read about Amy's services and pricing
Kinesionic Therapy is a method to determine individual health requirements using muscle testing along with acupressure points to evaluate bodily functions and energy.

Biomagnetism Therapy is when magnets of a certain polarity and potency are applied to specific points on the body to optimize your health and help fight viruses, bacteria, fungus and parasites.
This spray tan formula is naturally derived, chemical and paraben free, PETA certified vegan with no animal cruelty. We use a patened Laser Spray Tan system that allows flawless, drip free results!

It's a one of a kind Organic Sunless Spray Tan that was exclusively developed for the entertainment industry used by the "A List" for years!

See our "Oragnic Spray Tans" page for more information

Spa Services
By Amy

Hi! I'm Amy.

My career in the beauty industry began over 20 years ago. I atteneded the Aveda Institute and became a licensed esthetician.

Some of my favourite services are waxing and customized facials. I am honoured to work with the Eminence certified organic skin care line.

I also offer hair removal that is known to be less painful - soft wax with strips or hard wax without strips. 

I am very mindful and focused on providing the best care for my clients. I enjoy building these relationships and getting to know the people that come in to see me.

See below for the variety of spa services Amy provides. (Prices are before applicable taxes).

Spa Services & Pricing


Soft Wax
Hard Wax
Soft Wax
Hard Wax
Eyebrows              $17

Upper Lip & Chin     $10

Brow & Lip Combo   $24

Face                    $32

Underarms            $16

Half Arm               $20

Full Arm                $33

Regular Bikini         $26

French Bikini          $33

Brazilian               $45

Lower Legs
(Knee Included)      $28

Upper Legs
(Knee Included)      $33

Regular Bikini
& Upper Legs          $54

Full Legs                $57

Full Legs
& Regular Bikini       $75

Chest                   $18

Stomach               $18

Full Back
& Shoulders           $35

Full Buttocks          $23

Between Cheeks     $15
Eyebrows               $18 

Upper Lip & Chin      $12

Brow & Lip Combo    $25

Face                     $35

Underarms            $17

Regular Bikini         $30

French Bikini          $38

Brazilian                $55

Between Cheeks     $20

Eyebrows               $20 

Underarms            $18

Half Arm               $22

Full Arm                $37

Full Legs               $65

Stomach               $25

Full Back
& Shoulders           $45

Lower Back            $25

Full Buttocks          $35

Between Cheeks     $25

Eyebrows              $23

Underarms            $23

Organic Facials
Custom to your skin type and needs using only certified organic Eminence products.

Essential Oil Pour Bar
Pour your heart out!

Making blends and being creative with oils is made easy at Mint!

Whether you want to make a custom blend, or choose from one of our 100% pure authentic Organic essential oils, you will be in oil heaven!

We offer a large variety of sizes for you to choose from.

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