A disciplined and unique to approach to access the body’s energetic system. This allows the intelligence of your body to make it heard and return as much as possible, to a balanced state – your place of health.

Our bodies have normal self healing functions continuously at work caring for us without conscious thought or control. This is called “Body Wisdom”. Kinesionics Practitioners are trained to connect to those self healing mechanisms and assist your body in its individual requirement to heal.

Your energetic system consists, in part, of energetic circuits that are located all over the body. These circuits connect through energy channels to the organs, nervous system and muscles. This concept is nothing new; the use of energy channels (meridians and marma points) in the body and points on the body surface are firmly rooted in the Ayurvedic and TCM healing systems. When you are healthy, the energy in your body flows unimpeded, like a free-flowing river. But when energy cannot reach specific areas, the stress can lead to an energy imbalance and a state of disease.

When there is a health imbalance, the Kinesionics practitioner uses muscle testing with your body’s energetic system to identify your current health needs and to find helpful therapies for promoting, restoring, and maintaining balance. This involves testing the body’s responses by applying slight pressure to a large muscle (usually the anterior deltoid or shoulder muscle) and by touching energetic response points on your body.

An energetic response point connects to various organs and systems of the body with your muscle acting as an interface between your neurological system and your energetic body (the point). The muscle test amplifies the fluctuations in your nervous system, allowing the practitioner to assess the relative strength or weakness of that point, and of the system or organ represented by that point.

When a point registers “weak” we can ask the body for more information, including accessing:
•    What is causing the imbalance and what will restore that balance
•    The best choice of herbs and supplements for you
•    What food sensitivities may be present
•    The best healing modalities are for your body
•    How well the body is progressing in its recovery
•    To what degree your body is approaching optimal health

Based on the feedback a practitioner receives from your body, they are able to recommend appropriate therapies, and monitor progress in returning to health. With our bodies continually demonstrating that they can function without our conscious intervention, Kinesionics allows us to understand your needs without distortion by anyone’s assumptions.

The use of Kinesionics in an integrated practice considers the fact that any philosophy of medicine has both benefits and limitations.  To disregard any is of significant disservice to the patient, eliminating the prospect of complete care.